Top Jobs for Computer Science Degree Holders

A degree in Computer Science equips graduates with the skills necessary to work in the Information Technology industry. There are several concentrations that help graduates excel in their respective hopeful lines of business. These concentrations include Networking, Programming, Social Media Technology, Information Systems Security, and Health Information Management. This degree goes beyond basic word processing and presentations. It covers database management, client interface, coding, network communications and much more. Some of the basic degree topics include programming principles, algorithms, computer architecture, programming paradigms, data structures, and logic.

An individual seeking a career in the Information Technology industry may be someone who enjoys finding solutions to technology related problems, wants to work in various business environments, and looks to work in a stable industry. Many computer science degree programs require some background in algebra, calculus, probability, discrete math, and equations.

3 Popular Computer Science Degree Jobs

Network administrators are almost always in high demand. Network administrators are individuals who oversee the building, maintenance, and management of an organization’s computer network. They also handle the Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, and the business’s Internet and intranet systems. A network administrator will also install hardware and software to ensure all computer systems are up-to-date and working appropriately. Maintaining a safe and secure network is another requirement for most network administrators. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary for a network administrator is just above $70,000. The average salary ranges vary depending on location.

Computer systems designers are also highly demanded by businesses. Computer systems designers create systems that enable businesses to operate more efficiently through technology. Not only do these designers create the systems, but they also manage the computer and information systems. For example, a computer systems designer may create an e-commerce system to bill customers. After creating the system, the designer may also be responsible for overseeing the security of that system. This position requires a traditional full time work week in the business office. The average salary of a computer systems designer is $87,000.

A computer support specialist is an individual who assists those experiencing technical difficulties. The specialist may walk someone through how to setup an email account or uninstall an unneeded program. These specialist also install software, hardware such as printers, and solve issues with Internet connections. Computer support specialists can be found in schools, governmental jobs, and corporations alike. This is a position in high demand, and it requires the least amount of experience and training as those listed above. The salary range is also considerably less than the two positions listed above. The average salary of a computer support specialist is just above $46,000.

As the world continues to rely on computers and technology more and more, computer science graduates are needed more. There are a wide variety of jobs available, job stability, and generous salaries. These positions are also accompanied by creative freedom and flexibility.

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