Top 5 Careers in Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence exists in many forms including video games, robotics, search engines, face recognition software, and even weaponry. With so many career options available, there is a job waiting for anyone willing to work for it. A bachelor’s degree in computer science may land you a few possible jobs, but to get deep into the A.I. field, you will need a Masters or Ph.D. specializing in machine learning or A.I. This will provide you with the knowledge necessary to pursue a fruitful and very profitable career.

5 Popular Artificial Intelligence Careers

The career options available to the well-educated student are many and varied. Everybody loves video games, but newer games require highly intelligent enemies to keep players challenged. This is where a game programmer, or software engineer, comes in to play. With the right company, this job starts at $75,000 annually and reaching as high as $125,000 annually for lead programmers.

Perhaps a more serious career is what you have in mind. Robots are taking over the industrial world, but they need programmers. A robotic scientist or programmer makes a median salary of $90,000 annually. Robotic Scientists have the best shot at getting hired if they have at least a master’s in robotic engineering and receive licensing from their state.

If you seek a career that helps out other humans, consider a career as a software engineer working on face recognition software. Many companies, including security companies, police departments, casinos, and even Google are utilizing face recognition to understand the people benefiting from their service. People seeking out this career choice have a wide range of salaries to choose from depending on their education level, from $28,000 to $125,000 annually.

Google will be one of the highest paying companies from face recognition, but they also use A.I. in another interesting way. Google hires people with artificial intelligence degrees to manage their massive search engine. The Google Search needs to be able to predict what users wish to search for despite spelling errors and thousands of possibilities of their intended meaning for the searched phrase. This is where A.I. becomes important. A Ph.D. can net you a salary upwards of $112,000 annually. Some of their highest paid senior software engineers take home over $250,000.

Often working for private companies can be a very difficult affair. Their hiring process is quite competitive and they seek out only the best of the best. However, the government employs the largest number of people in the nation and they too require the aid of highly skill artificial intelligence employees. Warfare is growing more complex by the day and thus the government is developing smart weapons. Their software development engineers earn a median salary of $73,000 annually, but the earnings also come with excellent benefits and retirement packages.

Artificial intelligence plays an increasingly large role in running the world around us and the possibilities for its use continue to grow. Any student willing to put in the effort to gain a high level of education will be quickly accepted into this growing and well paying industry.

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