5 Top Computer Animation Conferences in 2013

Computer animation is a growing field in today’s marketplace, with wide-ranging application all across the film, video game, and web entertainment industries. Attending CG animation conferences is a great way to connect with other industry professionals, learn about recent developments in the field and keep up to date with current trends in animation.

5 Top Computer Animation Conferences in 2013

With so many industry enthusiasts in one place, computer animation conferences are also an easy way to find future clients, employers, or employees. Following is a list of 5 of the best 2013 computer animation conferences.

GRAPP 2013
February 21-24, Barcelona, Spain
The International Conference on Computer Graphics Theory and Applications, a participant in the 8th annual VISIGRAPP joint conference, covers many aspects of computer graphics, ranging from 3D modeling to interactive environments — but computer animation is a topic given much attention at the conference. A meeting of researchers, developers and artists, papers presented at the conference will cover such aspects as facial animation, animating particle systems, crowd simulation, and retargeting motion capture data. For more information, click here.

FMX 2013
April 23-26, Stuttgart, Germany
FMX is a conference on animation, effects, games and transmedia, regularly featuring presentations by the minds behind blockbuster animation titles released in the U.S. The focus here is more on the production arc and end product than technological details: animated films are often screened and lectures tend to be “making-of” talks by prominent figures in the animation field rather than presentations of technical papers. For more information, click here.

CASA 2013
May 16-18, Istanbul, Turkey
Much more narrowly focused than the previous two, the 26th International Conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents is presented by a number of prestigious institutions, including Microsoft Turkey. Every aspect of animation technique is discussed here, including motion control, behavioral animation, and the distinctions between physics, image and knowledge-based animation. The various fields of application are also subjects of interest, with talks on everything from computer games to medical simulation. The conference is also about social agents in contemporary animation, discussing avatars, AI, personality and inter-agent communication. For more information, click here.

ACM SIGGRAPH/Europgraphics SCA 2013
July 26-28, Anaheim, California
Taking place immediately after the much more broadly focused SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference, the 2013 Symposium on Computer Animation will feature a board bringing together faculty from universities in California, Texas, Switzerland and Hong Kong, as well as a representative of Disney Research Zurich. The SCA is largely focused on the physics of animation, with presentations on the dynamics of fluid, cloth, hair, and collisions. Character and speech animation are also common topics. For more information, click here.

CGamesUSA 2013
July 30-August 1, Louisville, Kentucky
The 18th International Conference on Computer Games has a broad-ranging program, but computer animation in the field of games receives focused discussion. Presentations range from the technical — on topics such as game physics and animation of both skeletal and facial natures — to the theoretical, such as animation in the realm of content generation and the aesthetics of animation. For more information, click here.

Choose a conference that works with your calendar and travel plans. Attending computer animation conferences can be a rewarding experience, building valuable knowledge and connections.

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